The Sneaker Head Sub-Culture is Amazing.

Happy to be apart of it. Recently the LA Times posted an article appropriately titled (Sneakerheads' 'Holy Grail' vintage athletic shoes)

A Holy Grail is basically a collectors ultimate wishlist sort of like the bucket list (hope you seen the movie). A list of sneakers you have to have or would like to have before you kick the bucket.

For me 1 sneaker that I would like to have before I kick the bucket would be the Jordan 11's in Black/White
I've always wanted a pair of these since I was a kid. The Jordan 11 is my favorite shoe of all time. I own a pair of Black, White, & Red's that were re-released last year and I haven't worn them yet. The Space Jam's come out next month and I'm hoping to get my hands on them. But a Black & White pair is one I want with me when the casket drops!

to read the article click on link below:,0,7520728.story

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