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Pet Peeve: I have my headphones on & you continuously try to talk to me. OMG stop it, I obviously am not trying to talk to you or I'm in a zone that shouldn't be messed with. If I take my headphones off when you are talking, and keep them off, then I am willing to listen. If I put them right back on, leave me alone! Thanks in advance.

Tiger Woods? Big Deal, the man does not want to get into details about his accident, move on. The media loves this crap. It sucks to be a great! People are always looking to take things away from you. Let's wait for an individual to fall short and ridicule. I guess thats what gets us through our days! Well I have my own things to worry about.

Plans for 2010: Get more stamps on the passport, Visit a US city or two that I haven't in 2009 or in my life, Save more, buy less (sneakers), Invest more time into my photography, Continue writing my poetry & find more channels to get it out because I was told I am too good to just sit on it! Lord willing, move out of the state of Massachusetts.

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