Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

My Favorite Sneaker: In my possession as of yesterday

"Got My Space Jams"

To some this was a Christmas gift to self. To me this was a mission accomplished, a pair of sneakers I needed to have in my collection no matter when they were released. They just so happened to be released the day before Christmas Eve. It feels like I went though Hell & Back for this release. I was in anticipation of this release since I was aware of them being rereleased. They were originally released in 2000 which would have made me a freshman/sophomore in high school. Couldnt afford them then, not that I didnt really want them. This time around I have the means.

The Journey: I went from being guaranteed a pair to guaranteed uncertainty, to not being able to sleep, waking up at 3am to making it to the mall before 5am when the stores open at 7am, to convincing the security guards that we worked in the mall to get in from being in freezing conditions. "We" being others who were in anticipation of the shoe as well. It was an experience to remember. I was up early in the cold like I did construction cracking jokes with kids and fellow sneaker heads both older and younger. I was 4th in line. Grabbed my pair, said congrats to everyone who got their pairs before me and I was off to work. Business as usual. Happy Holidays!

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