Fantasy Tuesday

Joy Denalane

I woke up in Germany sick as a dog, mind you I don't know how I ended up in a hotel room in Berlin. Who could've kidnapped me? and why? but this wasn't a malicious ploy, I was in a nice hotel room but just sick, with a guitar next to me. No bags, no criminal paraphernalia, just a guitar. Boxers, Chest pains and a wife-beater under some warm covers and I'm wondering how the heck did I get here? Then the door opens and it's my sweetheart, Joy Denalane! She asks me how I'm feeling? and I answered how did I get here? She whispered shhhh! Lay back and I have some soothing medicine for you! She grabbed the guitar, sat next to me and played "Sometimes Love" my favorite song from her. My eyes closed while she sang, I woke up feeling better than ever as the song came to it's conclusion. I woke up on the train at the stop where I needed to be!

That was my Fantasy Tuesday, thanks for tuning in.
Joy Denalane is great artist from Berlin, Germany.
Please look her up, Wikipedia, google, youtube, all that stuff!
I got a thing for her!

Mattoo Manner

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