Let Your Pen Bleed, or Not!

It’s the things we let slip through the cracks that end up killing us. Right!
Let’s bring this to the light: if you could write me a letter on the spot, what would you write? Or would you pause and think? Or would the pen take you away without a blink, writing until Your pen has runs out of ink. I want to mean that much to you! I often wonder what you think of me or even how you feel. Not that it matters But it would mean the world to me, because you matter. You make a difference I hope I matter, I hope I matter that much to you.

Trying not to fall in love with the idea of you, because I’m already flirting with it, a beautiful mess in mind, thoughts embedded in my thought circuit. Thoughts electrified, sitting in an electric circus, man hoping it’s all worth it.
You are the woman I aspire my daughter to be like; you inspire, and shine bright. In a day where I ask for sun twelve hours after the morning is done you are, my daylight, my shining star, it’s been said before but for the first time felt by me, I guess that’s what feeling does.It brings stars to the light.

If you could write me a letter on the spot, I hope you brought out the purple,the blue and the yellow highlighters, each color to symbolizing a quality you admire or even a quality that makes you grit your teeth in displeasure, because the length of this letter is how ever long you would like it to be, you can add skip, scribble or even have tears smeared across the sheet because I want it all, not just beneath the sheets but right here on this very sheet. This what I want you to do:

Write me a letter, put it in an envelope, and I will open up to you!

Mattoo Manner!

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