Random Memory

In the 6th grade their was a young lady I use to talk to. Her name was Cynthia. She might have been the first girl in my life that I knew I really liked. We were in the same class over at the McCormack Middle School. She was Cape Verdean, light skinned, wavy hair. At that point one of the first Cape Verdeans I ever met. We use to be on the phone for hours at night. It was funny because my mom knew who she was and use to ask for her. One day after school she was jumped on the school bus. She was beaten severely by like three dudes and the reason being, they thought she was Haitian, which made no sense to me. I was upset but what was I going to do? She was in the hospital for a little we talked on the phone even while she was there. She eventually moved out of Boston but we eventually lost contact. One day, maybe 2 years ago I seen her in a club in Boston. We looked at each other, and smiled. She was suprised I remembered her name and even what she looked like. How could I ever forget? She told me I was in her diary! That blew my mind. We were suppose to catch each other at the club let out but we couldn't find each other. Life moves on!

What made me remember this? I seen her on the train this morning!

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