The Grammy's: The show is an utter mockery of true artistry - Sometimes

Kings of Leon won a Grammy. :) Use Somebody - Only by the Night was one of my most played albums last year. I guess the Grammy’s isn’t total bullshit.

My main man Maxwell blessed the stage singing Pretty Wings (Beautiful song). BLACKsummersnight was one of my favorite albums of last year. I played it countless times as well as watching the DVD that came with it.

It was good to see Mos Def present an award. Although he didn’t win anything. He was nominated and presence was much appreciated by me atleast.

Wyclef repping Haiti, Always makes me proud!

Weezy in the Space Jam Jordans FTW(for the win) Drake has Stage Presence & Eminem is veteran. It's funny how through the editing process they blocked out most of the verses. There weren't that many cuss words in that one hook.

Ok that is my short Grammy rant More ranting @

Let's go ahead and have a great week.

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