I'm scared.

A little afraid

I've never been in a real relationship
So I think about the what if's? I'm a perfectionist &......
What if my actions fall short & I simply mess up
I must admit i'm afraid

I'm afraid to fail, so I play it safe & I know playing it safe is not a good game,when you have a great woman by your side. Its not fair to play.

Questions linger with no proper escape, no written routes, theres no escaping it

You have been my companion & I've been flirting with the ideas. The thought lingers. The ideas of you & I. Together in the loop of things, because right now I can't see you out of my circle. So i'm thinking of the circle of trust, honesty, and admiration we have for one another. Everything is sincere and genuine, not sure if there are any missing pieces or missing view points but this is how I feel. So I guess I need your end to be in the loop

Uncertainty: Waiting on my chance to jump in whole-heartedly.

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