Manner Update:

End of this month will be the 2 year mark at my current place of employment. Shows I can keep a job right, I know! I think it's about that time that I move on though. The place is starting to give me a headache everyday and thats not healthy. I'm working on it. I'm glad I have a job but this road has to come to an end. I'm hoping sooner, than later. Until then I'm going to continue to be me and grind it out. Everyday should be a pleasure, but I understand the struggle, I still have good things to measure.

Tonight, I officially start as a co-host of a radio show on (8pm-10pm) I'm excited about that. Free Radio!

I heard the new census has a race category alongside Black & African American. We now have the option to mark off Negro. If this is true, I am not filling out this census. This new category infuriates me. As my father says "you might as well have just written Colored". If you have to put Negro as a category, than what is an African American, what is Black? I hope the folks on the radio were just telling jokes! I'm sure this subject will further surface.

My year had an awkward, uncomfortable, but good start. I know some definite changes will have to be made.

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