Tragedy in The Life of a Lost Soul

Tears rolled down his cheeks every day for weeks until it became years. He lives in silence. He never got to say goodbye and no lie he feels like he died the night that she passed. His life past, No recovery, no one has love for him. It's unbelievable, he’s sorry he missed you. His mistakes took you away from him and for that he pays, for that he prays, for that he lies in bed face red, no chance to say the things he never got to say. Only the Lord knows how much this kid held in his 5’9 165lb frame for so long. So much inside he would need a surgery to get it out because you are no longer here with him, open heart wounded with no clue how to heal the pain. Marijuana leaves get him through the day and nightmares scare him till he wakes to light up once more and once more he cries at the thought of losing you. The thought that he lost you and he was in a dark cell, kneeling for forgiveness as God as his witness he would do better without the bad news that a dear life was taken from him. Devastation when freed; now into a mental cell of regret & remorse that no once can see. Most can’t fathom, feel bad for Adam. Feel bad for me who see’s his pain and can’t say a damn thing and it pains me, for him I pray because I know there will be a better day but can’t say when. Amen, Yes I believe he will be freed from mental incarceration and live again, smile again, speak once more, freed once more.

Mattoo Manner (May '09)

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