Sadly, I Laughed

Unlike last weekend, I stepped out the house. It felt good to actually have something to do. I ran some errands, made some donations, and went to a concert. This was all on Saturday might I add. Today, as my cousin would call it was a man day. I slept & watched football all day with the exception of my quick trip to CVS. I also watched The Hangover on dvd with my sister and cousin. I don't understand how a movie gets funnier everytime I watch it. It was their first time seeing it and we laughed. I still must say it wasn't as funny as people made it out to be, but indeed funny.

We always need a good laugh to get us through tough times. I spoke my aunt in Haiti yesterday morning on the phone and I made her laugh. She survived an earthquake that killed thousands, she walked home to her kids after work, hurdling over dead bodies trembling. Her kids and her husband were fine. The house was still standing. She is strong. The week before the disaster, I spoke to her and she jokingly asked me "where's my money"? I laughed and asked what money? She goes "I know you're rich and you're hiding the money in one of them shoe boxes. Next time I come visit I'm going to find it." I laughed and said whatever auntie. So yesterday on the phone she goes "nephew, I almost did not live to see the money you had for me". I sadly laughed and said auntie, next time you come I have a shoe box full of money waiting for you. She said "nephew you're making me laugh and I'm packing stuff up to move out of the city." I was like auntie, we still need to laugh". Laughter eases the pain and if you can find it in you to laugh, even if it's for a split second, laugh.

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