It's Okay To Complain


Let others know how you are feeling because there will always be pain and happiness. To keep your happiness suppressed due to the worlds pain seems a little insane, so get out the pain as well. These words are making no sense but my stomach is rambling but I am alive so I have no right to complain about my gut feeling. The emptiness inside where the only thing that collides is my stomach touching my back. I am hungry but thankful I’m alive. I will not complain but who else will feel these hunger pains. Excuse me I haven’t eaten in 8 days and you can’t help me because you haven’t either. The darkest of days

Say what you say but the most humble have the darkest of days. The thought of a complaint will send resentment their way so mouths are shut. At least I’m alive. The stories looked at or thought of as complaints are saved until maybe there is a brighter day, but if the day is missed no one will understand the hunger of the humble man who lost his life thinking “at least I have my life, who am I to complain?”


I wrote this thinking of the survivors in Haiti who are alive, with no food but are just thankful that they are alive.

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