Manner Update

Wow! It's the last week of February already. I've been pretty busy this month as I expected and loved every minute of it. What have I been up to? Well for starters Art shows, Little brothers basketball games(they're City Champions again), radio show (gets better every week) Shout to Secret Jones and Chris D you guys are some of the coolest brothers I know. I was in New York, hungout with friends from college and my cousin, Met with a graphic designer for this project I'm working on with a few good friends. I can't wait to tell you about it. I am really excited for this project. I've given up fried chicken and red meat for lent season, pray for me! What else? Dinner party last night with a bunch of ladies, friends I haven't seen in a while. Conversations were pretty intense but stimulating. I played my part and kept my mouth shut lol. As for music I've been listening to the Blakroc Project (Dope Album) I can play every track on the album without skipping a track, How To Make It In America "The Mixtape", Nneka, & Sade. I'm heading to Florida Thursday after work. Should be a fun trip. My 1st first cousin is getting married on Sunday. I'm excited for her and I get to see family I havent seen in 5 years. Can't wait. Okay I'm going to quit rambling about my life. How have you guys been?

Don't I look tired?

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