More Than What Meets The Eye

I am more than a tall, dark, handsome brother in a fresh pair of kicks. I pray that, that doesn't define my humane ways. I hope my quiet demeanor does not lead you to believe that I do not have a voice, because when I speak trust me, you will listen. My lifestory is not written on the creases of my forehead so do not try to read me before speaking to the young man by the name of Maxime. The name given to me by my Godmother and Mattoo the nickname given to me by family searching for the originator but for now my thoughts are leaning towards Mattoo being God given. My thoughts leak on a daily, especially when not speaking, so upon you picking my brain you may realize this guy is not a lame with a regal name. This guy is me, disguised as me and no one else will give the stories of my past, my dreams for the future and my happy present. I am more than what meets the eye! I am a continuous untold story!

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