My People

It's like collectively, we refuse to take care of our image and the way we conduct ourselves. We as a people need a change and it starts with the upbringing of our own. Sometimes I feel like we do not take care of what we hold dear to us. We do not take care of our culture, we do not nourture it, we abuse it. Sometimes that's just how I feel, but I often times keep quiet or keep these thoughts to myself. I try to live the best way that I know how, personally. I try to take care of my own and do right by my family, friends, and treat strangers with respect. If we could all do this collectively, collectively we could do better.

Maxime Hilaire

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One Response to “My People”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. We don't know how to safeguard and nurture. Why exactly is that? I think it's the slave mentality. When you don't have anything to appreciate, you don't know how to take care of anything that someone gives you, or anything that comes along your way. The thing is though, we used to have something to appreciate...we used to I think it's this "me me me" mentality that has developed. The village no longer wants to raise the child, each villager wants individual success.