Throwback Pic!

Clark University 2006' Valentine's Day.
Photo taken in my friend Asia's room.

I remember in college, especially living on campus,people use to always ask me, why do you get dressed everyday? I always answered, my mother never allowed me to wear sweats to school, so I stuck with that mentality. Image is everything.

I love and certainly miss College!

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2 Responses to “Throwback Pic!”

  1. This just made me think...

    "I DONT CARE IF THE ROC WAS IN THE BUILDING!!"... classic "G" moment!... I will remember that forever!

  2. This post has changed the way I look at branding as an individual. I used to not understand why people never took me seriously. After reading this I realize I never dressed the part in College, I was still trying to be the rugged street dude but also yearning for people to take me serious. Max you have changed my life thanks dude. Now I'll stay fresh!!