"We Are The World" Remake

I am a little uneasy with this whole "We Are The World Remake". Not only should the classic song have not been touched. I haven't seen the video nor have I listened to what I believe may be a mockery of a great song co-written by Michael Jackson. We Are The World is one of those songs that should never be tampered with. Not only was the song tampered with, they added rappers into the mix. Don't get me wrong, I love Rap, Hip-Hop and so forth but to have an artist like Lil Wayne on the song is not sitting too well with me. I respect Lil Wayne's work and music but to have a man who admits to his addiction to weed & syrup (cough syrup & coedine), allegedly impregnated 3 women in a year , to having to go to jail for gun possesion charges on a "We Are The World Remake" is a bit of an embarrassment. What are we telling the world? I guess it's as simple as pick your poison.

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One Response to “"We Are The World" Remake”

  1. i think the remake SUCKS but in response to lil wayne.. they may have missed the message of the entire song (which is why they shouldnt have dedicated it solely to haiti) because the idea is to love and as a community (the human race) give back to the world. and so lil waynes individual irresponsibility wasnt a forefront issue. basically, the whole thing was a mistake that they shouldnt have made. unfortunately they did, and its done.