While You Were Rooftop Living

While the others were taking trips ashore
We were taking trips to the dollar store
We sketched boats and thought maybe one day
Afraid of the landlord stayed out of his way, thought he was mean
While others were running around in the mezzanine
Couldn’t find a real hobby
So while you were reading in the lobby
We were probably shooting dice in the basement
Thinking if we don’t make this money back, mom I’m sorry
Just our luck we moved out that life by seven and were reading by eleven
Mama wouldn’t let us crap out, she never knew of the dice games
So for better or for worse, we grinded to stay afloat, no longer going in moms’ purse
Day in and day out we persevere, we broke the broke curse but nonetheless
Everything in the world is everything in the world
The poverty, the pain, the struggle, to the rooftop living

Maxime Hilaire

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