I Am Not That Guy.

I’m at peace knowing that I am not the guy for you.
You are beautiful, intelligent, stylish, funny, inquisitive
All that I look for but still I am at ease knowing I am not the guy for you.
Friendship is strong and blooms everyday the sunshines
It blooms when the sun doesn’t. I am glad we are where we are
But I know you will find him, that guy, that guy who will provide for you
The guy who will not rest until he grabs that star hidden behind that cloud for you
The guy who will make you smile as you dial his number from memory
That guy who will never silence a call from you. He is out there
That guy who will embrace your every imperfection
That guy who will be your eyes at every intersection
That guy who isn’t afraid to get hit by a car but is afraid to say hi to you.
I know he’s real and I’m positive that he is out there.
Trust me I will have the biggest smile when you tell me that you found, *ThatGuy*

Maxime Hilaire

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