I can't believe it's the 3rd day of March already. I haven't made any posts in almost a week. I've been on a little break. Took a trip out to Florida to see family and to attend my cousins wedding. I needed that time away. I feel like the few days that I spent away I've grown as an individual.

Before I get into how I've grown as an individual, I'd like to send my prayers to the victims and families affected by the earthquake in Chile. The world is not an easy place to live in. Somethings in life we can't escape or really brace for, so we pray, lend aid, and understand that stuff like this is inevitable.

Yesterday I went through an old binder of mine. This binder held poems that I wrote 10 years ago in high school, poems that I wrote in college, it held random notes, lines, letters from friends, college newsletters that my poetry was featured in and it was dope to see where my mind was back then and where it is now. I didn't realize that I wrote as much as I did. Maybe one day soon I'll post some if you guys would like. If I get 4 comments asking me to share, I will share lol.

While in Florida I came to realize how much I value my family, education, & the job I have even though I hate it. I wake up at 6 everyday to go to work and while I was down there I seen my 20 year old cousin waking up at 6 actively looking for work. The culture out there is so different. I spent the majority of my time in Ft. Lauderdale and some time in West Palm Beach and everything seemed to be different. The way of life down there is very different from Boston or any other northern cities. I always knew there was a major difference but my education has shed light on certain aspects of inner-city life. My only thought was simply, if these people knew better. If these people knew that they can do better, they would be better off. It is all in the education of our folks and our upbringing, which is why I value my family. It felt good to know that my aunt owns her own home and is raising her boys on her own. My little cousins are wierd geniuses lol and I love them. One of them speaks Japanese, plays the violin and he's 15, a bit astonishing, to me at least. Also I had cousins from Montreal who were also down there with me. One is my age (25) and the other (21) and we always get to talking about healthcare, cost of living, drinking age, and other factors of life when comparing Canada and the States. My uncle always gets into these conversations and I always take something out of them. I love my family, I value my education, and I am grateful to have a job that I hate.

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