Just How I Feel Right Now

Behind Bars

Right now I feel imprisoned

I just want to get up and go do things.

I just want to be active, like right now.

I have that urge to be on the move, running errands, trying something new, getting on the road and just be out and about

I am stuck behind this desk recieving stupid emails that could have easily been answered if the reps did their research instead of looking like complete idiots.

The jail I’m in because of this cost of living. I have to be imprisoned for the best 8 hours of the day 40 hours a week just for the ends to meet.

I just want to be free

- Me

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One Response to “Just How I Feel Right Now”

  1. DIGS IT! MANNER MAN!... I'm in Cell Block MBL right now!... in need of some letters from my folks on the outside! niggas just need Love sometime ya know... LOL... I'm just saying... your boy is all fucked up and thinking bout shanking somebody in this muv!.. they need to do some research instead of looking like idiots! I never said anything like what they say I said!