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Coming off of a city wash-out. It rained 3 days straight in Boston. I believe it was something like 10inches of rain, which is ridiculous. Weekend wasn't bad though. I had a cousin who came to visit from NY and we just kicked it. He left on Sunday and right after I dropped him off at South Station I went to a friends house for Sunday dinner. That was a good time. I took yesterday off from work and that was sooooo relaxing. I swear I needed it. Another short week for me.

On a real personal note: Last week I had a cousin piss me off. He disrespected me on many occasions last year, but the last time he blew up, I was through with him. Dude never apologized or anything and came to me asking for money.

Background info: I am 25, he is 23. I went to college and he was in and out of trouble with the law. We grew up together but we chose separate paths. To him everyone kisses my ass and I walk around like I am better than everyone else. All of this after I bailed him out in countless situations. He takes my advice as judgement and goes off of that. Really the only advice I've ever had for him was, for him to go to work on time and to clean up his image but to him, that was me passing judgement. I guess I should just let him go on with his tomfoolery.

I'm a grown man and certain people I do not need around me. He is one of them. He came at me with the whole "blood is thicker than water" which is total crap. Family members use that line to take advantage of you, like because we are family all is well in the end. FALSE! There is no way you are going to disrespect me, take my kindness for weakness and expect me to be there for you. That is not how I move. The situation bothered my soul for a little bit, simply because he had the nerve.

I had to shake that off.

All is well with me, let's see what else this week has to offer.

Mattoo Manner

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