Mattoo's Place Blogversary

Today makes a year since I've started this whole blogging thing. I sort of love it! I'm lying, I do love it. I love to share, with you I share my world. Look at me getting all sentimental! This probably has been one of my best forms of expression. Many of my readers have watched me grow as a person just from my blog. Some of my readers notice things like content change. Stuff like that amazes me because it's all subconscious. I don't notice it, but people do and that's kind of cool. I've recieved some really good feed back over the year which fuels me to continue this blogging thing. To me it's almost as if it's a personal journal where I share what I've seen, places I've been, what I think is cool, a place share my poetry, photography, and my collection of sneakers and articles of clothing. It's all love over here. I hope you guys are inspired by what inspires me or I hope you just get something out of visiting Mattoo's Place.

So for my blogs birthday, here's what I want you to do for me: Leave a comment although I know how much of a hassle that can be or shoot me an email at I wouldn't mind knowing who my readers are whether I know you personally or not. I do this for me but more for you faithful readers. I try not to let you guys down.

Tonight I will celebrate and hopefully have some cool new posts for you starting soon!
One love! Mattoo Manner aka Maxime Hilaire (editor & chief) :-)

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  1. Word dude keep at it, its always cool taking a stop at Mattoo's place.

  2. im addicted to mannerism. xoxo

  3. I started reading this here blog when I was suppose to and I even one day went back to see how it was when you started. And yes, you have evolved. As an avid reader (probably not the best scroller) I am able to say your year as a blogger has been “done right.”

    Keep “doing right” through exploration and expansion (consciously or unconsciously) and displaying them here. Your dedication to Propermanner inspires me to up my blog game w/consistency & dedication & display.

    Good Shit. Happy Blogversary!!

    P to the s: Sorry for writing a book.