K'Naan/Wale Tour (House of Blues) Boston

Opening Acts: Tabi Bonney & John Forte
I was really impressed by K'naan's set. I wasn't too sure what to expect from him considering I've only heard him on one song. Although not too familiar, I was continuously reminded by a friend as to how good he was. The reminders were not enough. Last night I realized that hearing of him was not enough, I needed to witness what this man had to say. I went into the House of Blues with no real expectations but to see my man Tabi Bonney play, and I left a fan of K'naan. It was also a pleasure to meet Tabi, he's a real cool dude. We shared some laughs and I grabbed the Dope Cd while there. Also, while leaving the House of Blues guess who I met! I met John Forte. He even got off the phone to chat. Besides his great performance in there, he was a genuine a brother. Last night was just one of those nights that were suppose to happen. Technically I was suppose to be on the 3rd floor of HOB's because the 1st was to capacity. I saw Tabi's performance from uptop but luckily for me I knew someone who does security and she got me into the 1st floor right after where I was able to meet and chat it up with Mr. Bonney Runway. Last night was a great way to start my month of April.

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