Manner Update

Starting the week off feeling refreshed. The weather is great and my weekend felt like a vacation. I had family from New York and Montreal come out for Easter and my grandma's birthday, which was Friday. I also was out in Providence with some friends for my boy Secret Jones show out there. We made an evening out of it. Definitely was a great way to shake off family for a bit. Secret Jones is a star if he doesn't know it. I will get in to that later. I have a few pictures to go through as well. I have to make time to upload the pictures from the weekend. The toughest part of my weekend was watching my uncle learn how to walk again. A few weeks ago he got into a real bad car accident. He had to have surgery on both legs, screws and all. He came back home on Thursday and now is on crutches. He's a strong man, he'll get through it. I see progress already. He's still smiling, telling us stories, and giving us advice. I love my family.

Hope my readers are all in good spirits and enjoy what the day has in store for us.

Mattoo Manner

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