Manner Update

One thing that bothers me is when I tell people that I hate my job and they reply with "a job is a job". Man a job can only be a job for so long. Once it becomes burdensome and bothers your very being, it is no longer just a job. I passed that "a job is a job" phase 2 1/2 years ago. I'm ready for something new and I am going to make it happen soon.

My younger sister graduated from college on Sunday. I am proud of her.

Other than going to my "a job is just a job" job, I was out in Worcester last weekend visiting friends. Friends who were freshman my senior year and were seniors about to graduate. To see them all grown up is a bit crazy but it was a good time. Treated them to brunch, and drinks. It was a great weekend.

I've been working on my brand and I can't wait to have some stuff for you guys. The process is coming along great.

Took a trip out to NY this week. Always good to take time out to enjoy life. I was back on the rooftop in Harlem, chilled in Bryant park, visited a few brands and stores with the homies, attended a Yours Truly Brand fashion show/ party then made my way home. A bit exhausted but it was all worth it.

Now we have Memorial Day weekend to look forward to. What do you guys have planned?

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