So they’re legalizing racial profiling in Arizona. That’s a bit intense. If the police suspect that you may be an illegal immigrant they can stop you and ask you to pull out your papers. Crazy! Can you imagine having to remember to carry your citizenship papers everywhere every day? Shoot some people forget to brush their teeth, are the cops going to pull them over for having yellow teeth and then ask them to show their toothbrush? I’m just saying. Remind me not to go to Arizona.

The city of Boston couldn't drink tap water for a couple of days. I was in New York when it all started. Heard grocery stores were running out of gallons and people were brushing their teeth with bottled water. How nouveau riche right? America wasn't running on Dunkin for a short time span, big deal right?

I can't make everyone happy, simple as that. I do the best I can and I'm alright with that. I think it's ok to be a little selfish sometimes. I have to make sure that I'm straight before venturing out. So I just might alienate myself for a bit and then come back. How does that sound? My friends would hate that lol or do hate that.

My sister graduates from college this month, mothers day is creeping up, man what am I going to do with myself or for these ladies?

Summer love this year? Who knows!

The weather is nice but anything over 78 degrees is too much for me. I become a sweatbox, who cares if I'm out of shape. I know the jokes are coming. Go ahead laugh it up guys.

These were just my random thoughts. Usually people say keep your thoughts to yourself but I guess I'd share.

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