"Do not fear the digital world, it will not kill us all " - Theophilus London

A few weeks ago I attempted to write a sentence in cursive and I failed miserably. I haven't really had to write anything out in over 3 years. Even while I was in college there wasn't really a need to write. We have our cell phones & laptops to take our notes on. We have caller ID and all that jazz, so there isn't really a need to write down or memorize anyone's phone number. Back in the day I knew the number of all my close friends by heart and now if I was to lose my phone, I would only know my house number and 911 which is a shame. I think I might have to write a small list of names and numbers for all my closest friends and family just to fold and slip into my wallet as a back-up.

What I fear the most, is the things that the children of the future will miss out on. While I may have to reteach myself how to write in cursive, they may never learn because cursive is just a click of a button away. Many schools are now requiring students to own a laptop for both homework and schoolwork. Since everything is becoming so digital, will we ever go back to basics? Will we ever go back to writing letters or passing notes in class or even dropping that anonymous letter in the locker of the girl you secretly admire, who secretly knows your handwriting but will never say anything? I think in ten years I may want to become a teacher or work in a school just to see how things work.

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