The Hiatus

Just realized that I haven't posted anything in a week which means I've been extremely busy or just haven't had time to post. I guess that's the same thing but whatever. In the past week I've been with family from Maryland, New York, Montreal, and family who live locally. It was a reunion of some sort. We all gathered to celebrate graduations. I have a sister who graduated from college, a brother who graduated from high school, a brother who graduated from middle school, and three other cousins who graduated from high school and middle school which is major. I have too much family. I had cousins being introduced to cousins and all that jazz. It was pretty intense, but a lot of love and happiness was shared. Thursday evening, the troops started rolling in. We did some clean up, shopping, had a huge cookout with tons of stories to tell, and on Sunday I got on the bus with 5 of my cousins and went out to New York. Stayed out in Queens with my cousin, then went out to Harlem, and then out to Brooklyn for the BluRoc Festival at Brooklyn Bowl which I will probably (I will) get into later on. I have tons posts to come. Sometimes we have to go on and live life, then come back and share what we lived.

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