Jadakiss: Top 5 Dead or Alive

Top 5 Dead or Alive is the man's motto. I say it, but I don't quite believe it. I do believe he has every right to say he's top 5 dead or alive because if you check out his resume, he has longevity in such a competitive industry. He created a brand that people recognize. From his slick talk to his signature laugh or snarl whatever you want to call it, you know who Jada is. Top 5 dead or alive though? That would mean he would have to be amongst Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, & Eminem. Not sure if i would put him in front of any of them but Top 6 dead or alive doesn't sound too appealing. I guess it's cool for him to claim that spot. He has earned his right, in my opinion. Jadakiss has been one of my favorite rappers since I was in middle school and for him to still be crushing competition with albums, mixtapes, and collabs is incredible. I believe he can claim whatever he wants because to some, he is just that, Top 5 Dead or Alive.

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