Discovering New Bands: Band of Horses

Before yesterday at the Centre St. Cafe in JP, I had never heard of this group Band of Horses. While I'm sitting there eating my breakfast for lunch I hear this song and I'm like wow, who's this? Then another song came on and it sounded like the group and I thought maybe they are playing this band's album. I then proceeded to ask the man who was working there for the name of the group and he told me that it was the Band of Horses. He went on to tell me that it was their latest album and that they have three but this one, the latest one is the most cohesive album. My friend who I was dining with pulled out her phone to like Shazam the song on her phone and got the song titles and the name of the album. Technology is taking over everything, I rather ask someone the name of the band playing. Shazam might be my last resort, I can still do without the app so I won't download it.

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