Distant Relatives: Nas & Damian Marley @ House of Blues (Boston)

I didn't bring my camera with me to the house of blues which may be surprising to some but I think I did a pretty good job capturing the essence of the show. My ears are still ringing from last night. Although it was a late start, when the Distant Relatives came on it was on another level. It was an energy filled room, sold out crowd and when I say sold out, HOB's was jammed but the vibe was great. Wish you guys were there and for those who where there, man listen. Nas & Jr. Gong have a great chemistry and it is clearly evident in their performance on the stage. Nas referred to Damian as his brother and that he saved his life in different ways. It was good to see those two rock the stage. Most of all it was good to see so many people come out to support good music.

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