How I Feel Right Now

If I quit this job, I pray to God it doesn't take me too long to find another. I know I need the funds to fund this thing I'm creating but I don't know how long I can take this. The place sucks the life out of me. I'm drained before I enter. I leave and don't want any contact with anyone. So it seems as if I've disappeared. Nah, I'm just exhausted. I smile because it's in my nature. A nice day becomes a holiday, man I need another day off because the weekends just aren't enough. They are filled with obligations and a whole lot of catching up on nothing. Sometimes my mind is everywhere and I need to sit back and gather myself. People asking me on my progress but don't realize the stress of it being just me. I mean I don't mind it but it just takes time and energy that sometimes I lack. It's hard to show excitement and I don't know why, but the music I listen to keeps me going. That's my boost and now my ipod wants to act up. I can only hear sounds coming from one side and have to find ways to adjust the headphones and believe me it bothers my soul to know that I really can't afford to buy a new ipod or mp3. The brakes on my 92 honda are almost gone, the muffler sounds terrible and I'm going to Barbados next month. I want to be happy but my grandmother took a small fall last week and I worry about her well being. I'm not complaining because life is good and good things are happening but this is just how I feel right now. I'm not sleeping like I should, not eating like I should, not drinking enough water which is probably the cause of these headaches and the heat is getting to me. I can't til the Fall. That beautiful Autumn, I turn 26 soon. September 22nd to be exact and I know I've done alot since I turned 25 and somehow I manage to feel like I haven't done enough. Pardon my rambling, but if you are reading this these are just my thoughts and how I truly feel. This is my outlet and now I can get back to the world we call "real".

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