Stussy x G-Shock 3rd Edition DW-5000 25th Anniversary

I bought this watch off of Uncle Pete a few weeks ago and I won't take the joint off except for when I go to sleep. I'm totally ignoring all my other watches indefinitely. Did a little research and saw on Hypebeast that this watch was released 2 years ago and it wasn't released everywhere. So not too many people can say they own this watch. Shout out to Uncle Pete for that great deal.

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One Response to “Stussy x G-Shock 3rd Edition DW-5000 25th Anniversary”

  1. I really like the look of the watch and it really is resistant to abuse, however, because the protective resin of the watch overlaps the protrusion of the buttons, it makes the buttons difficult to press down.However love the G-shock forever and waiting for the upcoming casio-gshock-30th-anniversary-dw-6930a-4jr.