What is Stamp of Camaraderie?

Black signature Stamp of Camaraderie t-shirt!

What is Stamp of Camaraderie?

Stamp of Camaraderie is a lifestyle, it's a code of ethics; trust amongst royalty, honor amongst crooks, loyalty amongst friends. This brand was created to represent the special bond between comrades. The goal is to put out clothing and to create a grand community that inspires us to be better individuals as well forming a strong camaraderie of like-minded individuals. The Lone Wolf logo represents the founder and the star symbolizes the community of comrades around him, because without them this would not be possible.

SOC was founded by friendships as well as by Maxime Hilaire, a native of Mattapan. The kid from down the block.

It all started with an idea. To see something concrete is on another level. Although I'm the Lone Wolf. SOC is a team effort, trust & believe that. Let's see where this thing goes! Join me on this journey

More details coming soon per usual.

We wear the Stamp on our sleeve!

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