The Brand Has Jump Started

Stamp of Camaraderie - Founded by Maxime Hilaire aka Mattoo Manner

Many of you may know that this year I've been working on a number of projects, as well as being involved in a ton of different activities. Out of all these projects. I've decided to start a brand. The decision to take my passion for art, culture, clothing & fashion came to me naturally. As if this was bound to happen. The work is beginning to unfold nicely. Although it isn't easy, I believe this is worth it. It's a movement that I'm sure many will respect and/or admire. This past year I've been surrounded by a number of ambitious and inspirational people & their support is what got the ball rolling. Stamp of Camaraderie was started by friendship.

Keep following and reading on this project. Dreams & ideas are flourishing.

More info coming soon!

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