Kid Cudi x Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Picked up Kid Cudi's highly anticipated sophmore album yesterday on the way home from work. Decided to skim through it because I knew I really wasn't going to listen to it until this mornings commute which happened to be perfect, on this third day of gloominess. The Legend of Mr. Rager is a pretty solid follow up album. Definitely not a flop but, it certainly doesn't move me like his first album. The hooks and production is an out of this world unique sound but the album itself is a bit dark. It totally matches the vibe of the cover art. Cudi is an artist who pours out how he feels and his music is an embodiment of just that. An artist the man is, an artist that many relate to one way or another.

This album is Manner Approved.

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