Mumia Abu-Jamal

"Opinions are like navels, we all got 'em. Some are smart, some are silly, some are insightful, and yes some are hurtful, even hateful. Should we hide them? or should we face them? Opinions aren't to be feared, nor should they be ignored. They should be examined, challenged, thus there's reason triumphed over unreasoned" ~ Mumia Abu-Jamal (Prison Radio)

Yesterday was my 1st time hearing of the Mumia case. Had no idea who the man was. Doing some reading & research I found out a lot about him. He was a great journalist/activist valued by many and what he is going through is truly unfortunate. From what I have read he has been fucked over by the judicial system & is on death row for allegedly killing a Philadelphia police officer. The story of how the situation is unclear and it appears the details were blurry but yet he is serving life for something he may not have done. Meanwhile the officer who killed Oscar Grant in California last year was only sentenced to do only two years.

I pray they let the man live because even behind bars he is productive sharing through prison radio as well as writing a number of books from behind bars. I’m sure they won’t #FreeMumia but I do pray they let this man live. He’s already spent 29 years of his life behind bars is facing the rest of it without parole. What do we get from executing the man who may be innocent for all we know. Our judicial system needs to better it’s reputation. It is rotten at its current state.

#Freemumia #Lethimlive

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