Background & Education Aside

Can we ever be together excited? Share the same feelings? Outraged by the same outrageous acts?

Nope, because to you, it’s just everyday life & shit happens. You don’t share my pain. We can’t share my joy! You see, you are indifferent to what I pour my energy into. You are indifferent.
Your ethics & my methods are unfamiliar.

Judgement is passed but it is safer to say it isn’t.

The struggle to share the same vision keeps us apart and at times disrupts our very being. Maybe just mine. Maybe this should just be it.

The end to what once was. The inevitable crazy mix up of emotion where the last line picked up, words were discombobulated, taken out of context and your obsession for each word was shown in every letter and now my shoes are dirty because of the dirt I just kicked up.

Spur of the moment irrational acts are obscene but look, you take things to the extreme. Too different to be…….. You are you & I am I, but together, that’s suicide.

Maxime Hilaire

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