The Stop In Series: Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Small, intimate, a bit more than your average corner though. Jazz figures posted on the wall, the older generation sitting right in front of them. They were there clearly before the younger crowd arrived. The cool kids were seated into a side room. Myself not removed. Stopped by for a bite to eat plus a lady friend seen the spot on the paper, sent a text like "seen this place in the paper, wondering if you'd like to check it out?" Of course I obliged. Something to do on Thursday night in one of the coldest of weeks plus I haven't been out in days. The live band captured our attention. Hunger waits, as my eyes shut lost in the beat of the drums. The soothing sound of the saxophone took me there. It brought me to a smile. The red wine dumbed it down. Glad I stopped in because when I left, I left thinking what a wonderful time.

The Stop In Series.

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