The Way I See It.

People are making a mockery of art for profit or exposure. They're failing at the classic high-end attempt. Failing because the body of work is just not authentic. Not a fan of the categorizing of high-end art or even fashion but it fits because of a standard. A standard that people who value true & original art are willing to invest their hard earned money on a particular piece.I feel many people start off with an original idea or an orignial vision from the heart & somewhere along the line society blurred that vision to them creating an art solely for exposure or for profit & that is uninspiring. It goes from local music acts, local clothing lines to visiting these blogs & online magazines. I'm seeing a ton of uninspiring pieces. Original works. Real recognizes real. So if for some reason something is not working out. It may be, because it's not from the heart. Like the late Notorious B.I.G. said, "only make moves when your heart's in it".

I'm Mattoo Manner & that's just the way I see it.

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