Life Swinging on the Pendulum

Fear, on the other end of the pendulum.
Mood swings change attitudes.
God is within, within me, I believe.
Belief. Life on the other end of the pendulum
All falls down, highs, lows, all rise for the greater good.
Strength, is within me, within you, let us balance out the pendulum.
Length, the duration of the swing balances out the good & the unfortunate.
Unfortunately lucks swings, moods change attitudes for the greater good.
Sometimes we cry for half the swing of life to get to the the better half.
Belief, believe that we are halfway there. In good faith we leap
Halfway through the cries into happiness we are.
Together we withstand the pain, the sorrow on the pendulum.
Together we swing back to the joys of the world.
No fear, on the other end. All has been endured.
Love is never lost, but only remembered as together we swing
Through the wide spectrum called the pendulum of life.

Maxime Hilaire (3.26.2011)

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