Mattoo's Summer Wedding Attire Pt. 2

Vest by Perry Ellis. Pants by H&M

Shirt by Gap. Citizens Watch

Shoes by Sebago

oh & pardon the Rolls Royce!

Last weekend I attended my cousins beautiful Miami wedding. It was a blessing to be in attendance considering I had never met this cousin who was getting married. Prior to the wedding, I had only heard mentions of his name from other members of my family. It was my uncle who flew me down to Miami to be in attendance. That day, I met three uncles whom I had never met & their kids for the first time at the age of 26. They were very welcoming and for that I am thankful. There were no awkward moments, not that I expected there to be any. In one day we shared precious laughs, smiles, & took many photos to make that moment last a lifetime.

Life is such a wonderful journey.

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