Kanye West Disappoints In Paris

Kanye West, the world renown rapper/producer apparently is not holding the same acclaim in the fashion world as a womenswear designer, as he does in the music industry. Over the weekend Kanye debuted his woman's fashion line in Paris. The line was not received well. Although I have never stepped foot in Paris, I do know that it is a city where the fashion elite & sincere fashion enthusiasts congregate. That being known, backlash is to be expected for a Mr. West's debut. It is said that the the clothes did not fit the models, the collection lacked focus, The silhouettes were unflattering, and some people went as far to say the whole project looked to be that of a beginner over-reaching.

It's a bit humorous to hear that one man pissed off the city of Paris. In my humble opinion, what Kanye should have done was put together a private showcase in the states or some remote location, invite all of his comrades of fashion and get feedback to present for a better show, instead of going straight to the belly of the beast simply because you are Kanye West. For that, he is obnoxious.

Kanye delving into fashion in the manner that he has is a bit disrespectful to the people who devote their lives to it. But who's going to stop him? Because of his fame & his interest in fashion he has befriended many big named designers & in a sense has tried to emulate them. Where he may have come up short is, he isn't been around the true essence of fashion. He isn't in the same place where upcoming designers try to innovate as well as bring in new energy to the game. It seems that he is producing recycled energy.

If creating a womenswear line is truly what he wants, it's not too late to start from scratch, take the criticism wisely & go back to the drawing board. I'm sure the goal is to make Paris proud, not to disappoint.

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