Black Cement III's

Back in 2001, I had my first job as a waiter at an assisted living where my mother worked. I was a junior in high school at the time. I was finally able to buy my own sneakers, when I wanted them. That was a luxury on it's own. I remember when these Jordan's came out back then. Woke up early the Saturday morning that they came out. I met up with one of my best friends at the time and we took 2 buses to the Dedham Mall where we figured there wasn't going to be a big fuss about them since Dedham is a bit outside of Boston. Thought it would be a cake walk, grab our 3's, then head home. When we got to the mall there was a pretty big group standing outside of Footaction. I was a bit frustrated. I thought to myself "damn, I might not get a pair". When they raised the gate to the store, the whole place flooded. Funny thing is, no one realized that there was a Footlocker a few stores down. My boy and I walked over to Footlocker, got our pair, & we were out. I was ecstatic. I wore them Jordans like everyday. They were all purpose. Wore them to work before I had to change. My co-worker Musa use to call me Jordan all the time because I played ball, & wore those sneakers. I have no idea what happened to that pair. I think my grandmother may have sent them to Haiti when I went off to college or something.

Today being Black Friday, they were released again. When I found out they were coming out again I was extremely excited, since I missed out on the Defining Moments Package that they came out in back in '09. I had to jump on the opportunity to get my hands on another pair this time around.

It's crazy the memories we have of the things we love, as well as the things we once held dear to us.

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