Where I'm From: Jay Z Barclays Center (Documentary)

Hometown glory electrified!

Jay Z the artist, the businessman, the mogul, I will forever be in awe of this man's career. I remember being in middle school when Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life" came out. I hadn't heard anything like it. The song had the whole world buzzing. Many say it's the song that could have made his career. He took a chance and it worked out for the betterment of his long lasting career.

I remember watching the "Hard Knock Life" video and thinking wow! This guy is one the coolest guys I've ever seen. I was in love with his persona. I felt like it was me walking out of the corner store with a "quarter water", or like it was me sitting on the stoop hanging out with the little homies. To me, he embodied the cool & fun parts of being from the inner-city. He didn't have to portray himself as the tough guy to get a point across and I admired that.

He is a genius & a hustler by nature, with enormous pride of where he comes from. It's amazing to see the things he has brought to life with his creativity, influence, & the hustler nature. The result of it all is in the new arena for the "Brooklyn Nets" formerly of New Jersey, in which he is part owner of. In this documentary, I still see the same cool Jay Z I became a fan of years ago and it puts a smile to my face to know that Hip-Hop can take it this far.

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