Rockie Fresh - No Fear

I've been seeing the name Rockie Fresh all over the social media networks. I finally took the time out to press play to see what this guy is about. Backed by Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, the Hip-Hop newcomer has a solid sound and fan base. His music gives off a Kid Cudi vibe but surely less emotional. "No Fear" is a good intro to Rockie. I just took the liberty of downloading his new "Electric Highway" mixtape. Haven't listened to it yet but I'm sure it will be above my no expectations.

With the ever emerging digital age it is increasingly difficult to give new artists a chance. It's tough filtering through these new artists with hype surrounding every new sound. Kid are sitting in their living rooms putting out mixtapes left and right. But, every now and then I download an album or a mixtape just to give the new artists a chance to prove themselves. It's for the love of music.

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