The Lady Who is: Alex Ramone

One of the greatest joys of living in the gritty-illustrious city of New York, is coming across great talent. Talent that is untapped by the masses. While at a friends show at "Ella" lounge located in New York's Lower East Side, I came across a wonderful soul with a beautiful voice to match. She goes by the name Alex Ramone.

Alex is a singer/songwriter with one of the purest voices that I've ever heard live. It took me by surprise. I was instantly a fan. After her set I had to approach her to let her know how awesome I thought she was & that I was pleased to be there to witness her in her element. Sometimes you just have to be there. The songs she sang were from the heart and everyone who was in attendance was able to relate. Unfortunately for me, my favorite songs from that night aren't on her soundcloud but she has great music that did nothing less of sufficing the want for more of her music.

When you guys get a chance check her out at

Right now this is a favorite of mine

Tell me what you think.

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