The Life of a Skater

Last summer, Baker (on the right), told me that he & a friend would be skateboarding from Boston to New York. Initially, I thought he was insane. I couldn't believe he would even attempt such an excursion. As the days to his trip approached, I asked him if he was really going on this wild expedition on a skateboard. He said yes and they would video documented the whole thing. The trip happened! It took them a total of 11 days.

Some time next month they will be premiering the documentary. I was able to see a rough cut of the short 20 minute or so film and was truly inspired. Their adventure took them across cities & towns that were both familiar & foreign to them. They traveled with just a bag on their back, a skateboard, and their two feet. They met tons of people who thought they were just as crazy as I did, but admired what they were doing. I can't wait for you guys to see the film. Be on the lookout for "Backstreet Atlas".

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