Wynter Gordon: Gold Bar, NYC

If I'm sitting comfortably anywhere in the world, it takes some really good music to get me out of my seat. Either that, or I'm in a crowded train and an old lady stands in front of me. Either way you get the point. The sound of Wynter Gordon's voice on a random night at Gold Bar in NYC did just that. It got me out of my seat. She drew me in and I had to find out who she was.

I was with a group of friends who were on their way to Gold Bar and invited me to go with them. They figured it would be an event I would get a kick out of. Plus I had my camera. Let me not fail to mention, it was open bar. Of course I wasn't going to let that go. Funny thing, I ended up not drinking.

As the night progressed, I was still left unaware as to what type of event it was. All I knew, there were a lot of stylish people in attendance. Some dancing, some were a part of the too cool for school crowd. It was quite interesting.

At one point after the Dj played a really good set. I did my two-step, took a couple of photos, then decided to sit down. It was then some girl got on a makeshift stage and had people gather around her. She stated that she was going to sing for us. I'm always skeptical so for me it is natural to be like "here we go" in anticipation of a cringing sensation. People gathered as she began to sing.

After a while I was like okay, she's not bad. She continued to sing. After I realized how good she was, I asked my friend who it was that was singing. She then tells me the woman's name was Wynter. Eventually I had to get up to see what this Wynter looked like. I got up as her voice drew me in closer. I found myself in awe of this songstress. She was that good. It was such a short set but it left an impression. After the show I asked my friends what Wynter's last name was and they told me "Gordon". Of course I went home and did my research. Got on YouTube and Bandcamp to see what she's got. What I found out was, she got it! The girl can sing, has style, and is beautiful. Everything you can ask for in an artist.

I'm always thanking God for these sensational random nights in NYC.

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